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The Creative Journey
Season 1 - Episode 1

The Internet of Life

Chef Letícia Schwartz was in Chicago. She was volunteering as a spokesperson for the important 'Desafiando La Diabetes' program, helping support the nearly 30 million Hispanics, Latinos, and Americans living with diabetes.
After arriving at LaGuardia Airport in New York, her smart car picked her up. It was driven by her voice command on her smartphone. She was listening to Buddha Bar Radio on Pandora with her earphones, which automatically synched on her car's radio when she grabbed the wheel heading home. Her smart fridge sends a message to the dashboard in her car that she needs to get some shrimp to prepare Bobo de Camarão (shrimp and yucca stew, a Brazilian specialty) that night. With one click at her smartphone's app, she places an order of shrimp to be delivered to her home.
Tonight's special guests are Dr. Samuel Arce - Chairman of the Board at National Hispanic Medical Association, Jane Chiang, Pediatric Endocrinologist, SVP of Medical & Community Affairs at ADA (American Diabetes Association), Matt RogersFounder & VP of Engineering at Nest (sponsor) and Suzana Aplebaum, Creative Director at Google (sponsor).
This is not a typical talk show. This is more like an intimate conversation between friends or co-workers. Think Modern Family with a touch of Chef's Table
While chatting and relaxing at Leticia's adorable home, they will be enjoying some special Brazilian and Latino dishes prepared by Chef Leticia (recipes can be found at Yummly, sponsor) - and also casually debating about how about both the physical and digital world change the human experience.
She's a bit tired after a long day. But there is nothing like arriving at a smart home, where the door unlocks when she approaches the entrance, the lights automatically turn on, the surround sound system starts playing the same Radio station she was listening to on her car, and the TV starts pulling information from her mobile devices to give her a summary of her daily activities - and her schedule for the next day. Also, she can review her home energy consumption.
She also had a heads-up about a little water leak in her kitchen, due to a little device called smart moisture sensor, that detects humidity and water where water shouldn't be.
Before her guests come, the temperature system automatically makes the atmosphere more comfortable for them, while being efficient eco-friendly, and energy saving.
The guests are welcomed and move to the living room, where the conversation gets exciting as they start talking about a pill you can swallow with a tiny sensor inside of it. The sensor transmits data about when a patient takes his or her medication, and pairs with a wearable device to inform family members if it's not taken at the right time. How helpful would that be if every one of those 30 million people with type 2 diabetes could wear one of these. 
But small steps are better than no steps. So, Leticia leads them all to very comfortable well-equiped kitchen, and starts talking about the Brazilian culture while preparing Bobo de Camarão (shrimp and yucca stew, a Brazilian specialty). She interacts with her smart fridge and with Jibo, the family robot. They both help her with every single task. 
The Creative Journey has just begun. A journey where creativity matters more than the destination.
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